How Colored Brain drives your efficiency and increase productivity

How Colored Brain drives your efficiency and increase productivity

No you don’t have to be a mind reader but you do need to understand how Colored Brain can drive your efficiency and as well as increase productivity through the simple method of effective communication skills.

The Colored Brain psychometric test can be a tad bit lengthy however the expectation of the result, is knowing your own dominant brain color makes it a fun and effective psychometric tool to have in the armory of all trainers.

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For those who take the test… How does it improve interpersonal communication skills?

The point of it all is to understand yourself and the people around you. That, effectively, is the basis of all interpersonal communication skills. And like a mind reader, but not exactly so, you understand as well as see the patterns and influences that drive behavior.  When this happens, it puts you into a position of early knowing and therefore takes your own effective communication style and ability to the next level where your own communication methods match and consequently complement the style of the person you are connecting with. As humans we gravitate more towards where there is commonality. But that’s not where the story should end. As an effective communication tool, Colored Brain Communication puts you in an influential position in a discussion or negotiation.

All DCI accredited trainers know that training never stops.  Consequently, constant application of Colored Brain Communication can be interpreted as a brain training game or a constant re-wiring of the brain for optimal output.

Furthermore this is a free psychometric test offered by DCI, recommended not for the absence of financial investment in your own communication training and developmentbut for the tips and strategies that come along with result. Focused action to implement these strategies will provide a new insight on how to communicate with people. And when we communicate better the desired outcomes are better.

It would be futile for us to view the world through Rose colored glasses if we did not have the mental acuity to know when to be flexible and adjust our own perspective to reflect those of the others around us to get best results.

Leaders inspire! Great communication is the platform upon which leaders inspire.


How does Colored Brain work for me?

It helps me to understand the input I receive, the words as much as the manner in which the words are delivered. It also helps me think about what I am thinking and use convincing body language in conjunction with the words. Colored Brain is an effective and fun communication tool. Surprisingly enough, not too many folks around us know that they have a specific communication foundation that may or may not be bringing them their best results consistently.

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By Anthony A Mendonca
Founder & Director – Business Innovation at Trip Symphony
Certified Trainer for DCI
Expert in Colored Brain

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