How to Use Brain Psychology for Your Personal Branding

June 28, 2018
WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN with Arthur Carmazzi. In this video, Arthur is interviewing Jazzmine Cheah Chii Yen. Jazzmine is a certified image consultant from Malaysia. Together with Arthur, they will talk about how we can use brain psychology to apply to personal branding. She’s also got some personal insights that she has found through the Colored ... Read More

Where is Your Brain’s Learning Styles by Arthur Carmazzi

November 30, 2017
Do all brain processors learn in the same learning style or process? Arthur Carmazzi shares the 3 factors of process that affect learning styles… But first, what elements of learning are we talking about? Outside of Gardner’s Learning Styles Model, learning requires clarity before it gets put into long-term memory… and long-term memory is required to, ... Read More
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