How Comparison Affects Productivity

January 31, 2019
Have you been in a situation where you compared where you are and where you want to be, suddenly become unmotivated? Today episode of Where is Your Brain will share with you about how comparison affects your productivity and pros and cons of different types of comparison and how can you actually create more motivation and therefore ... Read More

Complacency Kills! 

January 16, 2019
Can you find something new in your current complacency? Do you like the same thing after you’ve been around it over and over again? For example, if we were in a certain environment on a constant basis, we wouldn’t really notice it as much anymore. Can you find something new in your current complacency? Check ... Read More
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Why Planning is Like Taking Drugs

January 10, 2019
Why Planning is Like Taking Drugs. Can you get addicted to Planning? in this video, I will share how planning is like taking drugs and how you can improve performance by planning with High Motivation… check it out <

Why frustration can actually be good for you

September 20, 2018
Why frustration can actually be good for you, and essentially help you to achieve awesomeness. Frustration, is it really a bad thing or is it the foundation of your greater success? Today Where is Your Brain, is talking about frustration and when does optimism become insanity Check out the video and get less frustrated!

One Thing to Improve Physical and Mental Performance by 21%

September 13, 2018
Is it true the less you sleep, the less happy you will be? In this new episode of Where is Your Brain, Doctor Kirk Parsley, the America’s number one sleep expert will to reveal how the only time you get better at anything, is while you sleep. Discover the neuroscience of sleep and how it ... Read More

Your Brain’s Clarity Party!

September 1, 2018
WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN – In this episode find out about the party in your brain… the clarity party in the prefrontal cortex, to be more “scientific”… but in this story of biochemistry… you have the club (your brain), the Bouncer (The COMT gene that regulates neurotransmitters), the Boy and Girl Partiers (Dopamine and Norepinephrine), ... Read More

Is Your OK the same as My OK?

August 23, 2018
Has this happened to you? “I remember when I explained it to you, you said OK.” “What?! I would never say OK to something like that!” “You know, if you just don’t analyze everything too much, maybe you would remember things I say.” “I would definitely remember if you said something like that.” “I said ... Read More

Why normal is ADHD

August 9, 2018
If somebody told you that there is something wrong with you, that you can’t focus, you can’t pay attention, that you should be more organized, all these different things … guess what? There is a high chance that nothing is wrong with you. Do you often get blamed by others? Or do people often misunderstand ... Read More

How to Use Brain Psychology for Your Personal Branding

June 28, 2018
WHERE IS YOUR BRAIN with Arthur Carmazzi. In this video, Arthur is interviewing Jazzmine Cheah Chii Yen. Jazzmine is a certified image consultant from Malaysia. Together with Arthur, they will talk about how we can use brain psychology to apply to personal branding. She’s also got some personal insights that she has found through the Colored ... Read More
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