A Comparison between DISC and Colored Brain

A Comparison between DISC and Colored Brain

The DiSC is a non-judgemental and driving individual evaluation device utilized for exchange of individuals’ behavioural contrasts. This apparatus is utilized by more than 1 million individuals consistently to enhance work profitability, collaboration and correspondence. It gives a typical dialect that individuals can use to better comprehend themselves and adjust their practices with others – inside a work group, a business relationship, an administration position, or different connections.

DiSC stand for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Conscientiousness

Dominance: You put accentuation on achieving comes about. Portrays the way you manage issues, declare your-self and control circumstances.


  • Sees the big picture
  • Acknowledges challenges
  • Comes to the heart of the matter

Influence: You put accentuation on affecting or inducing others, openness, connections. Portrays the way you manage individuals, the way you impart and identify with others.


  • Indicates excitement
  • Hopeful
  • Likes to work together

Steadiness: You put accentuation on collaboration, earnestness, trustworthiness. Depicts your personality – tolerance, perseverance, and astuteness


  • Quiet way
  • Quiet approach
  • Strong activities

Conscientiousness: You put accentuation on quality and precision, ability, competency. Depicts how you approach and arrange your movement, strategies and obligations.


  • Appreciates autonomy
  • Target thinking
  • Fears being off-base

A quadrant behavioural model in view of the work of Dr. William Moulton Marston, Disk is utilized to look at the conduct of people in their surroundings or inside a particular circumstance focussing on the styles and inclinations of such conduct. In the Disk hypothesis the top/base and left/right sides speak to particular behavioural propensities. Individuals who score high on Dominance and Compliance have a tendency to be more undertaking focused where individuals scoring higher on Influence and Steadiness are more individuals arranged. Those scoring high on Dominance and Influence are for the most part more confident and dynamic, higher scores on Compliance and Steadiness offer ascent to quiet and more mindful behavioural styles.

How DiSC makes a difference?

  • Increment your self-information: how you react to strife, what rouses you, what causes you stress and how you take care of issues
  • Enhance working connections by perceiving the correspondence needs of colleagues
  • Encourage better cooperation and minimize group struggle
  • Create more grounded deals abilities by recognizing and reacting to client styles
  • Helps in overseeing all the more adequately by comprehension the attitudes and needs of representatives and colleagues

In view of Directive Communication Psychology, Colored Brain then again is a down to earth appraisal of how individuals are recognized from others by their own particular method for preparing their general surroundings, handling data, learning, critical thinking, imparting, and identifying with others. Your mind shading decides intrinsic way the cerebrum forms imparts and translates data and your general surroundings. Cerebrum shading is the characterizing element that influences your collaborations with others, affecting connections and working adequacy. Colored Brain is not about personality test, it is the way mind handle the data around them!

There are 4 sorts of Colored Brain:

  • The Green Brain: Chaotic Processing
  • The Red Brain: Linear Processing
  • The Blue Brain: Intuitive Processing
  • The Purple Brain: Relational Processing

Colored Brain pushes you to:

  • Communicate better as a pioneer and deal with your supervisor
  • Handle association with your accomplice and mate
  • Leverage on the quality of your colleague
  • Better handle struggle in relationship and working environment
  • Understand yourself better and get more satisfaction in what you do

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