Colored Brain Psychometric Guide to Writing Books

Colored Brain Psychometric Guide to Writing Books

By Arthur Carmazzi

How Brain Psychometric Profiling Can Help Improve Action of Writing Books

I was recently asked How I wrote 6 books and what are the Life Hacks to doing it faster. I thought about it but realized that the Arthur Carmazzi Green Brain way of writing would not work for other colored brain psychometric profiles…

So I came us with this Colored Brain process that considers the other psychometric profiles:

Action sequences and how to get clarity depend on how your brain interprets and processes information and the world around it (the Colored Brain).

A Green brain will finish a book faster by working on the outline. Do the table of contents first, then adding to the different chapters as they think of the content and story. They will do research as they come to the areas they are need it. Then revise as they go and when a chapter is finished read the chapter and make appropriate changes. The book will be shaped and reshaped as they go and new insights unfold. Best if they can brainstorm and get constant feedback from others as they go… and people ask lots of questions about it.

A Red Brain Must do the research first to get clarity of what they will write about and how it all fits together. They need to get the end first and identify the structure and elements and have everything ready before beginning. Once they do this it will go fast for them. The table of contents will still be the first place to start but they are best if they work on one chapter at a time. best if they work alone for faster results

A Purple Brain will need to get everything related to the topic first, so there will be substantially more research than the Red, but once they have bunches of it, clarity will be easier and the flow will be faster since they can connect everything relevant they can draw from the research. They will also complete the table of contents, then do the first chapter and the final chapter, then do each chapter in the middle. best if they work alone for faster results

Blue Brain’s will need to experience as they write. For faster results, immerse themselves into the topic with real situations or environments. not alone… unless the book at about being alone. they do well to write about the experience as the happen and could do an entire chapter in a day if the experience and environment can give them the clarity related to the topic or objective. Writing alone after the experience is also fine with time to reflect.

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