Why the Colored Brain Psychometric Assessment Stands Out from Others

Why the Colored Brain Psychometric Assessment Stands Out from Others

Let’s look at what psychometric assessment you may be currently using, or thinking about using. If it is behavioral like the DISC assessment, you will get great insights into WHAT People do. If it is a personality test (regardless of who’s model), it will either be inaccurate, or so complicated that it will be difficult to use or apply (Personality is too complex to be determined by a psychometric tool. In fact, if you combine the fundamentals of HOW people do things together with WHY people do things, this alone gives you 1.68 Million potential different personality combinations).

We found that making something complicated was originally an idea conjured by consultants of long ago to milk more money out of business… So the Colored Brain psychometric tool is Designed to Be Simple and Practically Useful.

Colored brain psychometrics deal only with HOW we interpret and process information and action. There is no introvert or extrovert, there is nothing to identify whether you like puppies or unicorns, there is no security or adventure orientation… there is only HOW.

But HOW, can be very powerful in the identification of Communication and Action processes that cause miscommunication, misunderstandings and poor teamwork, so that we can solve communication and teamwork problems EASILY.

Simple is essential:

If only the HR people know your psychometric profile, then it is only they who can understand you well enough to create communication that you can clearly take action on, set you up for success, and leverage on your strengths to keep you engaged… but as much as we would like them to be, HR is not omnipotent and it is essential for the common team member to be aware of themselves (to manage their own expectations of others) and others Colored Brain to be able to know HOW to work best with them for a combined result.

If you are a parent, understanding HOW your child interprets things can support less frustration and more quality time helping them to learn faster and more effectively. Too many parents think their process is right for teaching or raising their child, and get frustrated when it’s not working the way they think it should. Not because they are bad parents but because their child may have a very different process to learn of interpret things than they do.

In a relationship, knowing what Star Wars character you are will not help you improve the quality of communication and passion, but truly understanding the psychometric foundation of yourself and your partner will support mindfulness that helps to really GET each other and minimise the frustration by being able to know what can change and what is genetically ingrained in you and you partner.

So keep it easy, look at the infographic to identify colored brain and get your free colored brain psychometric training (including a study with first grade children)

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