Blue Brain – Intuitive Brain Processing by Arthur Carmazzi

Blue Brain – Intuitive Brain Processing by Arthur Carmazzi

The Blue Brain – Intuitive Brain Ambiguity Relief Processing

By Arthur Carmazzi –
Colored Brain is based on Arthur Carmazzi’s Research on Brain Genetics

In this episode of Where’s Your Brain, I will be sharing about the Blue Brain: Intuitive brain processor. See how Blue brain’s get clarity and how we can reduce conflict if we are a Blue Brain or if we know one. The Blue brain is outlined as follows, first watch the video, then read the observations below:

The Blue Brain Observation summary:

  • Achieves clarity through reflection and intuitive referencing of past experiences, time to action is swift but regulated by a consistent assimilation of the surroundings and their experience.
  • All information and experience is connected on an emotional level (it must be clarified that there was no specific pattern that showed that subjects were “Emotional”) in relationship to them and their experiences.
  • Highly empathetic and sensitive to the environment and people, this information is also included in ambiguity relief processing.
  • Take small actions in the process of gathering information and getting a form of sensitivity feedback from the action and it effects.
  • More multi-tasking in thinking process.
  • Action or problem solving is based on personal (intuitive) perspective and may supersede facts and recognised procedures.
  • Reasoning and idea generating is achieved by reflection and referencing the instinctual sensitivity (intuition) from the environment around them.
  • Process efficiency is connected to the people and environment around them.
  • Resilient in most situations, but in circumstances regarding negative emotions, they often take things personally.
  • Flexible in unknown environments.
  • If they make mistakes, they reflect on their own role in the mistake
  • In groups, personal understanding of, and connection with the people in the groups support success.

Brain Science to improve Team and Personal Performance

Watch Arthur Carmazzi share in this Blue Brain video,…and please comment and share this… especially with people you work with and your spouse or partner, it will help them understand you more and help you all achieve more.

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