Purple Brain – Relational Brain Processing by Arthur Carmazzi

Purple Brain – Relational Brain Processing by Arthur Carmazzi

The Purple Brain – Relational Ambiguity Relief Processing

By Arthur Carmazzi

Colored Brain research was originated by Arthur Carmazzi 

In this episode of Where’s Your Brain, I will be sharing about the Purple Brain: Relational processor. See how Purple brain’s get clarity and how we can reduce conflict is we are a Purple Brain or if we know one. The purple brain is outlined as follows, first watch the video, then read the observations below:

The Purple Brain Observation summary:

  • Needs abundant information to get clarity, time to action is contingent upon the extraction of substantial details relating to the issue.
  • All information and experience is related and is reinforced by the amounts of information for each reference.
  • They take more time to collect and assimilate information compared to others.
  • Prefers clarity before taking action.
  • Connected Information creates options which are compared before for taking action.
  • Less comfortable with little information.
  • Tend to approach organize information into systems and systematic processes.
  • Reasoning and idea generating are achieved by referencing current and stored information and making comparisons.
  • Related information is internally categorized and connected to other related categories.
  • Less resilient in situations that are negative do not have enough details or options.
  • If they make mistakes, they revisit the original options and information, tend to add a bit more information, then choose the most appropriate option.
  • While they have a more individual identity, when in groups, they usually want to make sure everyone is aware of the details and are more comfortable with consistent feedback.

Brain Science to improve Team and Personal Performance

Watch Arthur Carmazzi share in this Purple Brain video,…and please comment and share this… especially with people you work with and your spouse or partner, it will help them understand you more and help you all achieve more.

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