Red Brain – Linear Brain Processing for Clarity by Arthur Carmazzi

Red Brain – Linear Brain Processing for Clarity by Arthur Carmazzi

The Red Brain – Linear Ambiguity Relief Processing supports teams with structure and logic

By Arthur Carmazzi

Colored Brain is based on neuropsychology research originated by Arthur Carmazzi 

The observations of the characteristics of the red brain Ambiguity Relief process is applied in team organization, cooperation, efficiency enhancement, and communication through the Colored Brain Model. When Combined with other brain colors they can develop better understanding and synergy. The red brain is outlined as follows, first watch the video, then read the observations below:

The Red Brain Observation summary:

  • Needs structure to achieve clarity, time to action is dependent on the available structure and the speed at which clarity is achieved
  • Connects tangible elements with logic, organizes information into chunks and cross-references to understand
  • Must have clarity before being comfortable in taking action
  • Identifies and organizes facts and resources before acting.
  • Less comfortable with unstructured processes or instructions.
  • Tends to be objective in communication which is often misunderstood as uncaring.
  • Identifies discrepancies
  • Reasoning and idea generating uses cross references to known references.
  • Less resilient in situations that are negative or do not show a logical reason for flexibility or change
  • Prefers an understanding of new environment before experiencing them.
  • Makes less mistakes than others but takes longer to recover from mistakes… if a mistake is made, usually start from the beginning by relooking at the facts or resources
  • In groups, specific roles support success

Brain Science to improve Team and Personal PerformanceComparing the Ambiguity Relief processing characteristics extracted from the initial investigation, the following elements were scrutinized against biochemical and genetic traits of the identified disorders:

  1. amounts of information required
  2. amount of details required
  3. amount of structure required
  4. amount of empathy required
  5. speed of processing
  6. connectivity of information
  7. action sequences related to the extent of clarity achieved
  8. amount of organization
  9. amount of refection required


Watch Arthur Carmazzi share in this Red Brain video,…and please comment and share this… especially with people you work with and your spouse or partner, it will help them understand you more and help you all achieve more.

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