The Green Brain – Chaotic Processing by Arthur Carmazzi

The Green Brain – Chaotic Processing by Arthur Carmazzi

The Green Brain – Chaotic Processing

By Arthur Carmazzi

Based on the Arthur Carmazzi Research on Brain Processing

Each of us has a particular kind of brain processor, which we are genetically built with. As we grow we learn to write other “software”, so we can simulate things other processors do. With the software keeps changing, but our basic genetic processor remains the same. By identifying the fundamental patterns of the way our brain genetically processes the world around us we overcome misunderstanding, conflict, and wastage of individual and group potential. It helps us maximize our capacity, develop software to achieve greater competence across disciplines, understand people at a deeper level and create beautiful relationships.

Colored Brain model is based on genetic neuro-processing that affects perception and communication interaction in our world. It’s not about personality or personality assessment.

We have four different kinds of Brain processors – Green, Red, Purple and Blue. In this video below, Arthur will explain on the Green Brain – Chaotic processing.

The Green Brain’s summary:

  • Must take some kind of action to get clarity, time to act is almost immediate (sometimes impulsive) and clarity is directly related to the revelations from their actions.
  • Shape and reshape ideas, solutions in the process of acting on issues
  • Get others involved and ask for feedback
  • Processes their surroundings as a summary of the overall situation.
  • A little information quickly forms a comprehensive but fuzzy perspective of what the situation is, can be, or how it could affect another situation
  • A disorganized but effective, connect as you act process, does poorly with too much structure
  • Reasoning and idea generating is in non-linear random chunks, testing elements in the action process to connect to the big picture
  • Though they work on multiple projects, usually only can fully concentrate on one situation at a time
  • Resilient; get over negative issues in shorter periods of time compared to others
  • Flexible in unknown environments
  • Makes more mistakes than others but recover faster than others… makes and fixes mistakes in the clarity process of taking action
  • In groups, connecting with others with feedback and random support to requirements as they arise supports success.

Brain Science to improve Team and Personal Performance

Watch Arthur Carmazzi share in this Green Brain video,…and please comment and share this… especially with people you work with and your spouse or partner, it will help them understand you more and help you all achieve more.

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