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  • Colored Brain is an Accredited Methodology by the American Institute of Business Psychology

    The CBCI is a Validated Psychometric Test by the American Institute of Business Psychology

Colored Brain Based Team Building Visibly Changes Team Dynamics after Only One Program

  • TEAMcolors Develops The Strengths And Natural Talents Of Diverse Individuals to create a powerfully effective Team.
  • TEAMcolors supports Better Cooperation in teams by helping people understand our own natural way of communication and processing the world around them.
  • TEAMcolors helps teams Find Solutions Faster With Less Conflict by helping people discover foundations for our own Expectations and actions that often prevent others from excelling.

When we understand our own natural way of communication and processing the world around us, and recognize the very different realities of those we work with, we can develop the strengths and natural talents of diverse individuals to become a powerfully effective Team.

Team Work is NOT about everyone going in the same direction toward an objective, following blindly seldom created Greatness! It is about Team Members Focusing on the Objective while communicating strengths and roles, and innovating the best actions to collectively achieve the objective faster and better than expected.

Arthur Carmazzi
Founder of the CBCI

The TEAMcolors team building workshop goes beyond teambuilding games and leads participants to understand themselves, their expectations of others, and the reality of what is “Right”. Then directs focus to the psychology of team dynamics and how to bring out the best of everyone else in the team for faster team success.

Whether the Team is Virtual or Local, if you have issues with Conflict, Low Efficiency, BLAME, or Innovation, TEAMcolors 1 day program will show visible improvement.

The program has 4 options to maximize effectiveness:

  • Senior Management Teams
  • Middle Management Teams
  • New Recruits, Production Staff and Support Staff
  • Mixed Groups

TEAMcolors also has multiple Industry Specific Team Building programs. These are:

  • Hospitality Industry
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Technology Industry
  • Healthcare Industry

TEAMcolors uses the CBCI to identify individuals Colored Brain (the genetic way they process the world around them and provide practical experiential activities to help team member deeply understand each other and how each person affects the Team itself. The CBCI supports this idea, and helps team members use their own strengths while supporting the team to achieve better than expected results than any individual could attain.