Where is Your Brain’s Learning Styles by Arthur Carmazzi

Where is Your Brain’s Learning Styles by Arthur Carmazzi

Do all brain processors learn in the same learning style or process? Arthur Carmazzi shares the 3 factors of process that affect learning styles…

But first, what elements of learning are we talking about?

Outside of Gardner’s Learning Styles Model, learning requires clarity before it gets put into long-term memory… and long-term memory is required to, well, learn!

So what are the three factors that affect learning styles?

  1. Connectivity: how connected is the information? Is it assimilated directly in with the rest in an internal process, or does it require additional external steps for it to make sense?
  2. Perspective: is it abstract or concreate? How is a task, idea, or project perceived?
  3. Speed: how fast is your brain Processing? Does it miss details and interpret thigs as you go, or is it a more structured process that doesn’t miss much?

According to Arthur Carmazzi, combining these three elements provides a specific Ambiguity Relief process that creates a specific Learning style.

Don’t know what “Ambiguity Relief is? Check out Arthur Carmazzi’s Brain Research

In this video, Arthur Carmazzi explains how the “GREEN” Brain, Chaotic Processing, learns with its Ambiguity Relief process recipe:

  1. Nothing is connected
  2. Abstract interpretation of events
  3. High speed

So watch Arthur and how the brain learns in this short episode of Where is Your Brain!

…and if you want to learn more about Arthur Carmazzi’s Colored Brain, get a deal on the book!


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