Brain Power, where does it come from and how can I get More?

Brain Power, where does it come from and how can I get More?

Where does Your Brain Power Really Come from…

By Arthur Carmazzi

Based on the Arthur Carmazzi body of work around Ambiguity Relief

For the purpose of this article, Brain Power is defined as Your Brain’s Ability to help you achieve. It is not about intelligence or memory, but the brain power elements that support the realization of goals, objectives, and dreams.

First, look at your experience when you went to school. Were there students that seemed to get good grades regardless if they studied or not?

…but were they actually smarter?

Arthur Carmazzi has a different idea… is it possible that the teacher/professor had a specific brain process that they applied in creating the syllabus, lecturing, creating and grading homework and tests… and, that those students, were able to do so well because they had the same brain process which made everything more clear. While if you had a different process, you may need to study more to “translate” it into a brain language you can understand.

When we are talking about process, first we need to get rid of old ideas that are NOT valid, like the Right brain creative and the left brain logical… this is not accurate! Your creative Brain Power comes from How you use your brain… All of it, not just the right side… and problem solving brain power is mostly in the prefrontal cortex, and again, problem solving potential is based on HOW you use it.

The other BS idea is that you only use 10% of your brain which if you just sit down and think about for a minute is ridiculous if you have even the most basic knowledge of brain function… this false notion was polarized by an Advertisement in the early 60’s for encyclopedias and then everyone started perpetuating the BS (but they did sell lots of encyclopedias).Brain Science to improve Team and Personal Performance

So, brain power comes from the ability to know your process, your “Ambiguity Relief” process in this instance, and be aligned with it. When we are unaware, we have more potential for frustration in our lives. Frustration with others, and frustration with ourselves and our achievements.

But with an awareness of your brain’s “Ambiguity Relief” process. You can focus on your processing strengths to achieve your objectives and by understanding others brain power, you can leverage on their strengths to create synergy to achieve more for all.

Watch Arthur Carmazzi share in this Brain Power video, it has more info and includes the 4 main ambiguity relive processes and the specific brain power for each.

…and please comment and share this… especially with people you work with and your spouse or partner, it will help them understand you more and help you all achieve more.

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